When Forester Blackwell breaks into his childhood home looking for a connection to his MIA father, he doesn’t expect to find a replacement dad. But the new owner, Duncan, is kind of cool, and spending time there is better than hanging around his abusive grandfather.

But life is never simple, and a huge complication arrives in the form of Duncan’s niece, Ally. For Ally, Duncan’s place is a refuge from her overbearing mother and recent heartbreak. She doesn’t expect to meet a cute guy in the kitchen.

Forester isn’t looking for somewhere to belong, and Ally sure as heck isn’t looking for love, but they might find exactly what they both need. A chance to grow.



Early praise for Grow:

Forester broke my heart. Seriously, yank it out of my chest, wring it out like a rag, and stomp on it a few times for good measure. – Kelley



Grow was shortlisted for the Tessa Duder Award 2016 and the Ampersand Prize 2016.