If you’d like to read some excerpts, try these on for size:

The Series with the Punny Titles

Spellbound Jealously – Hazel has been crushing on Liam for a year, but he isn’t interested. So why is he acting like a jealous boyfriend?

Freedom of Will – Meet William and Jamie. They’re on a date that came about through unusual circumstances.

The Savage Trilogy

I’ve changed the names to protect the innocent. V is a girl. R and H are boys.

A Savage Excerpt – V has just met R and H in a daring rescue, but which one is the bad boy with a heart of gold?

Savage Ocean Views – V finds herself in a bad situation, but R drops in to save the day.

Savage Sleep With Me

Savage Bruises – V and H get up close and personal in a public restroom.

Savage Staying Silent – R and H come to blows over a girl.

Savage Arguments – When things go from bad to worse for V, she decides to stop running. It’s time to turn and fight.