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Back on the rollercoaster


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We went to the Gold Coast last month, and I actually rode a rollercoaster.

That rollercoaster was fun. This one…not so sure.

I’m fairly cranking through Savage Dreams (up to 59K – huzzah!) but I took a bit of a pause to go back and look over Grow.

I got some feedback on the first couple of chapters a while ago, which I sat on. I finally decided to tackle  the comments and apply what I’d learn to the rest of the MS. It’s definitely better for it. I think the middle is still a bit stodgy, but the end is good. I can say this because I had a serious case of one-more-chapter-itis reading it. With my own story! I’m taking that as a good sign.

I’m still not sure it’s quite “done”, but it’s something. So I’ve started to dip my toe in the query water. I haven’t decided how to tackle the whole agent thing yet, but I know some NZers have US agents, so it’s possible. I read the entire query shark blog and a whole bunch of “how to write a query letter” blog entries by authors I love (and others I’ve never heard of, but who’ve been there done that). But, damn, is it ever hard to write a decent query for a book that is less actiony and more introspectivey. The stakes! The stakes!

Brigid Kemmerer explained how she wrote a query letter.

Joy McCullough-Carranza gave a great example of a query letter for a quiet novel.

The query letter for Savage Dreams, on the other hand, was easy peasy I do … well you get the idea. I figured that one out while I was planting Christmas trees. Missing parents! Moral quandaries! Freedom vs. incarceration! Hot twins!

So, I think I might have to take the leap soon. Convince myself it is possible for a girl like me to get published. Maybe not probable, but I’ll never know if I don’t try. And psych myself up for the soul-crushing rejections to come.