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Pitch Wars 2015 Contestant Blog Hop

This is my second year entering Pitch Wars, and this year I’m coming out of my shell. (Last year, PW was the reason I joined twitter, but I slunk around quietly.) If you’d like to check out some of the other brave people who have entered, you can find them all on the Contestant Blog Hop page.


About me

I’m not going to tell you about me. (“Well, see, I like that you’re unpredictable.” *)

Seriously, I’ve got an about me page for that. But I will say a bit about what I like.

I like books with all the feels. The more angst the better. Which is why I love YA. So much angst.

I like contemporary, and urban fantasy, and light sci-fi, and paranormal. Basically anything set on our world and our time (or something close to it) but with a twist.

I like romantic subplots, but I’m not a straight romance girl. I like characters that have some sort of adventure or deal with some sort of shit, and the romance is just another complication.


About my Pitch Wars sub

teen angst

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The MS I entered in Pitch Wars was Savage Dreams. When I wrote it, I thought it was YA Urban Fantasy. Then I finally figured out that it was actually Contemporary Sci-fi. That’s because everyone has a psychic power, which has a basis in science, not magic. It took me a while to accept that, because I felt that it wasn’t *real* Sci-fi (whatever that means.) [Add an eye-roll here about not feeling legit.]

It features a diverse cast. Ivy, the MC, is a Filipino New Zealander. Hayden and Rhys are Māori/Pakeha and … okay, there’s something else but I’m going to keep it to myself, because it’s quite a big moment in the MS when Ivy finds out, and I don’t want to give away all the spoilers.

There’s a lot of swearing. A lot. One of the characters drops f-words like they’re going out of fashion.

Did I mention hot twins?

My favourite scene to write involved an argument between Ivy and one of the twins. I just let the character go for it, even though I cringed at everything he said. (But don’t worry. Ivy more than holds her own.)

Favourite line from said scene: “So I should’ve asked permission? Is that one of the rules? It would really help me out if you wrote them all down. Draw a diagram so I know exactly which bits I’m allowed to touch and how many more boyfriend points I have to earn before I can move up a level.”

There’s also flirting in three languages.


Why I’d make a good mentee

I’ve been writing for a long time. It was my dream when I was younger, but one I thought wasn’t achievable for a girl like me. (Getting published only happened to *other people*.) But about 3 years ago I decided to get serious.  Step one was finishing a MS. Step two was joining a great crit group. Step three is taking everything I’ve learned and using it to make my writing better.

I can handle tough critiques, but I don’t take suggestions blindy. I rewrite like a pro. And I’m committed to improving.

Last year I didn’t get a single request, but I was lucky to receive some positive feedback from the mentors I submitted to. And if I don’t get any requests this year either, I won’t be worried, because there is such a great community of writers out there. And I’m putting myself out there, too.

* Name the quote, win kudos.