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Photography Hilarity

What happens when you take a woman who has no idea how to pose and combine her with a snap-happy photographer?

You get a bunch of hilarious candid shots mixed in with some gorgeous ones.

Where am I going with this?  Well, I needed a fantastic photo for the website and I didn’t have any that were suitable.  I was looking at cropping my hubby out of one, or my baby daughter out of another.  (My daughter isn’t a baby any more, so you can guess how old that photo is.)  So I turned up on my sister’s doorstep with a bag full of “costume changes” and begged her to take some photos of me.

There may have been alcohol involved.

I did get a wonderful shot (check out the About page if you haven’t seen it) and we laughed our arses off at the hideous ones. Really, there’s nothing like sitting around with your sister and scrutinizing all your flaws… It really was fun.  I promise.

And then there was this photo:


I look like I should staring in an advertising campaign for Women’s Refuge or Red Cross.

Poor Amy, she looks so sad! Make a donation to one of those great causes and she might smile again.


All credit to my fabulous sister for the photos.

Confession Time

That book you love

Okay, confession time.  I don’t really like reading literature.  It’s not something I do for fun.

What makes this pronouncement even more startling is the fact I have an English degree, so spent three years studying literature.  Or maybe that explains why I don’t like it.

Now, I know there’s some fantastic literature out there.  I will never regret reading Heart of Darkness or Tess of the d’Urbervilles.  And there are plenty of books that I feel I should read.  Just when I try, I don’t get pulled in and can’t be bothered finishing them.  If it hadn’t been required reading for one of my courses, I would’ve chucked Wuthering Heights against the wall at the first opportunity.

So then, what do I like?  I like a story that sucks me in.  I like a story that is emotionally charged, and if it makes me cry, even better (but then I’m an easy-cry so that isn’t exactly hard).  I like a story where the protagonist goes through something and comes out the other side a better person.

But finding  a story that ticks all my personal boxes is hard.  Sure you can judge a book by its cover to find something that looks like the right genre, and you can read the first few pages to see if you like the style, but you never really know how it’s going to go until you just sit down and read it.

So, what was the last book that really got me?  A book that I read in a six-hour stretch one night because I couldn’t put it down?  A book that I read again the next night because it was so damn good?  A book I read five times (!) in that first week, and many times subsequently?

Drum roll please …

Spark by Brigid Kemmerer

I first found Storm and Spark in my local library (yay libraries!).  I don’t get a lot of time to browse the shelves because I’ve pretty much always got my kids with me, so I try to scan quickly to find something I like.  I spotted those beautiful Australian covers and plucked them off the shelf.  The blurbs on the back sounded right up my alley.  Four brothers with supernatural powers and a girl stuck in the middle.  I read the first page of Storm and it was well-written and engaging.  Awesome.

Elemental SeriesI read Storm over about three days and really enjoyed it.  And then I started Spark and couldn’t stop.  It was fan-fricken-tastic.  Everything I could want in a book.  Bad boy with a heart of gold.  Emotional turmoil.  Action.  Romance.  I was an instant fangirl.  I went out and bought a copy.

And now it is my go-to book.

When my youngest had to spend a couple of nights in hospital a few months ago my husband got some supplies from home.  The book he brought me … Spark.

I was really tired after work one day so I crawled into bed and my eldest came to check on me.  She thought I might want something to read.  The book she plucked off the shelf … Spark.

So there you go, that book I love.