Review: Shadow of the Mountain by Anna Mackenzie

A photo of the book Shadow of the Mountain by Anna Mackenzie

What is it?

Shadow of the Mountain by Anna Mackenzie

First published 2008

A New Zealand, young adult contemporary novel.

The Back Cover Blurb

Geneva’s world has been blown apart by loss. Maybe that’s why her decisions are not always the sharpest. One thing she knows: there’s no way back to the person she once was.

When Angus appears in her orbit it seems an omen that things are changing — but life is never that simple.

In trying to find a way forward, Geneva risks her friendships, risks repeating the errors of the past, even risks her life.
But maybe there’s no other way to find the person she can be.

What I thought

This was another NZ book I found by browsing the library shelves and choosing something I’d normally pass up otherwise. To be perfectly honest, the writing wasn’t quite there for me, but I did enjoy the story.

Geneva’s family is dealing with grief, and it has taken its toll, and I thought their pain and sense of loss came across really well on the page. I liked Angus and Geneva’s relationship with him, which wasn’t always straight forward. I loved how the setting was really important to the story, and the New Zealandness of it really came through. And it had a satisfying ending, with hope for the future.

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