A new draft of the rugby book

So, last year, I wrote the first draft of a novel about a teenage rugby player. Then it languished for a while, because I realised I was telling the wrong story and I couldn’t figure out what the right one was.

Well, guess what? It’s rugby season again. What better time to have a spectacular idea and write a new version?

I figured out the new approach and this draft just poured out of me. I really like it. I like the character’s arc, and I particularly like the way his relationship with his mother has changed. (She was such a clichéd villain in the old version. She’s much more complicated now.)

I’ve also changed the working title. But that’s a secret for now. 😛

But for interest’s sake. Here are my stats. I peaked at 3,605 words in a day. And that was when the end was in sight, so I just kept pushing on.

I know 42K isn’t enough for a novel, but it’s great for a start. I have a handful of scenes I need to pull from the old version and re-use, and then I can start expanding this first-draft hoariness into something wonderful.

Graph showing daily wordcount for the rugby book plus a running total

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