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Ampersand Prize

Back in September, I entered Grow in the Ampersand Prize, a call for manuscripts by unpublished writers from Hardie Grant Egmont. This is a great opportunity, because winning means publication, which is pretty much every writer’s dream.

They announced the shortlist on Tuesday, and I’m on it!

I’m not normally one for gifs, but I think this deserves one or two. 🙂

At first I was totally cool–who am I kidding? I did a dance around my office. And then the nerves hit and got the shakes. Luckily I had some emergency chocolate to take the edge off.

Check out the full shortlist announcement.

(Too busy to click the link? Here’s the blurb for Grow: When a teenager breaks into his childhood home searching for a connection to his absent dad, he doesn’t expect the new owner to become a father figure – or to fall in love with the man’s niece.)

I’m honoured to be shortlisted, and the other entries sound amazing. I want to read them all.

And it’s a great feeling to have someone say, “Hey, you’ve written a good book.”

It’s going to be a long wait until January, when the winner is announced.