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Review: Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong

darkest powersSo, I finally hit the jackpot and found a second hand copy of Kelley Armstrong’s Darkest Powers trilogy.

I love these books. I’ve checked them out of the library so many times over the past few years. A few times I tried to find a decent second hand copy at a decent price, but had no luck. Then a couple of weeks ago I tried again. I managed to find two books for sale by one person, and the third by another, and I got them all, postage included, for under $20. Score!

I love the voice, I love the action scenes, I love the teen angst love story. These are books I love as a reader and a writer.

Here’s the blurb from the first book:

Chloe Saunders used to have a pretty normal life. But that changed on the day she met her first ghost. Locked up in Lyle House, a group home for troubled teens, she finds out that there’s more to the home’s teen residents than meets the eye. Will Chloe be able to uncover the dangerous secrets of Lyle House…or will its skeletons come back to haunt her?


Savage Bruises

Here’s another excerpt from the Savage trilogy. For those who haven’t been following along at home, V is a girl, H is a boy, and B is H’s ex.


V tore a paper towel from the dispenser and caught sight of herself in the mirror. Maybe she should have pulled her hood up too. Her cheeks were hollow, her lips pale and chapped, and deep black circles camped under her eyes. Ignoring the hideous apparition in the mirror, she ran the scrunched-up paper towel under the tap and dabbed at the dried blood on H’s face.

Gratuitous photo of a shirtless guy credit:
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“You don’t have to do that.” His voice was tight.


Once the blood was gone it didn’t look so bad. A cut above his ear that would be hidden by what was left of his hair. No one would notice unless it started bleeding again. As H pushed himself up he hissed through his teeth.

“You okay?”

He traced a hand over his chest. “Bit sore.”

Understatement of the year.

“He kicked you.” V took a deep breath. “You want me to take a look?” She really didn’t want to be locked in this tiny room with a shirtless H, but he might need medical attention.

“Sure.” He unzipped his polar fleece, and she helped him ease it off. His t-shirt was trickier, because lifting his arm caused a bit of pain, but they managed.

V wasn’t sure where to look. She couldn’t look at his face, because her cheeks were warm and probably bright pink. And she didn’t want to look at his chest, because that was causing the flush. She tried to remember this was strictly professional, but it was hard when he was so gorgeous. It was everything the tight t-shirts promised and more.

She focussed on the massive red and purple bruise that covered his left side.

“That looks bad.”

“It feels bad.”

She risked a glance at his face. He grimaced. She placed her hands on his side, his skin warm beneath her fingers. Slowly, carefully, she felt each of his ribs. He inhaled sharply and placed a hand over hers, holding it still against his chest.

“Maybe you should go to a doctor.” V forced the words out through dry lips. So far, all their kisses had taken place inside her dreams.

“I don’t think we should risk it.”

“I don’t think any ribs are broken, but what do I know?” V sighed. “He might’ve ruptured your kidney or something.”

“I think that would hurt a lot more.” He reached for his t-shirt and struggled to pull it over his head. V caught the hem and slid the fabric downwards, her fingers hovering over his skin. “This one time I crashed while we were racing,” he said. “The seatbelts left a hell of a bruise. This feels like that did.”

V crossed her arms and frowned at him.

“Speaking of which…” He caught her hips and tugged her towards him. “I’m really sorry about that crash. Are you sure you’re okay?” His fingertips slipped under her shirt and brushed against the sensitive skin of her stomach, making her shiver. “No bruises?”

The memory of their dream date gave V another burst of confidence. She bunched her hands around the hem of her hoodie, and the layers underneath, and eased them up. Her stomach wasn’t as smooth and toned as B’s, but right now she didn’t care. She watched H’s hand drift across her skin, warm and reassuring, and she murmured, “Well, I’m not black and blue.”

“V?” His voice was soft, and she forced herself to meet her gaze. “I’m not very good at this, but I really like you.”

“I really like you too. If you hadn’t figured it out by now.”

He cupped her cheek and leaned down for a kiss.


And I’ve already finished Secret

Okay, I swear this will be my last post about Secret by Brigid Kemmerer.

I sat down to read Breathless this morning, which was included at the beginning of Secret. And then I kept reading.


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via photopin cc / Text added

So much for making it last a few days. It took less than 6 hours. And that included having a shower and feeding my kids.

This book is a-MAZ-ing! You need to read it. Unless your taste varies completely from mine. In which case, do what makes you happy.

The book tells both Nick and Quinn’s stories. And they are blended seamlessly. The turmoil that each of them goes through is heartbreaking. I cried in a few places.

I was a bit worried what Gabriel’s reaction would be like, because a while ago I read a comment from Brigid that Gabriel’s reaction made her cry. (If I could find it, I’d link to it. Damn, the internet is worse than a messy bedroom. I can never find anything!) But it worked. It fitted. It did not make me cry. I still love Gabriel.

Now, this will either fire me up to get more writing done (I’m looking at you, Grow) or will completely stunt my creativity.


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