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Are you ready for Secret?

I may have mentioned in the past that I am a crazy obsessive fangirl of Brigid Kemmerer.  Well, the new book in her Elementals series, Secret, is out on the 1st of February. Squee! (If you aren’t already salivating like me, then check it out

In order to ease the pain of anticipation, I decided to reread the first 3 books, and 3 novellas, in the series. But  I only finished the first book, Storm, on Sunday night.

I don’t know what went wrong.

We’ve been cruising through the school holidays here, so I’ve been juggling work and childcare. I’ve also been working hard rewriting Grow, and trying to flesh out Book 1 in the series with the punny titles. But Storm is addictive. I snuggle into bed at night intending to read a chapter or two, and I always read more. But it still took so long to finish.

Now it’s onto Spark. Now, from previous experience I know I can read Spark non-stop in about 6 or 7 hours. But that means finding 6 or 7 spare hours, or sacrificing some sleep. Mmm, sacrificing sleep for Gabriel.

And then I have to chug my way through Spirit, which is my least favourite. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good book. But, honestly, I want to give Hunter a slap and then kick Kate in the arse. Sheesh!

I don’t think I can fit them both in before Saturday. And I absolutely have to read Breathless. How can I not? But that might happen once I’ve got Secret in my hot little hand, so I can go straight from one to the other.

So, how about it? Are you going to be camped outside your favourite book store on Saturday morning? And does it even come out here on the 1st of Feb? I couldn’t find a release date on Allen&Unwin‘s website (the Australian publisher).


Find out if I managed to read my way through the Elementals series in the follow up to this post, and how long it took me to read Secret.

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Review: When I Was Joe by Keren David

What is it?

When I Was Joe by Keren David

When I Was JoeFirst published 2010

A contemporary, young adult, crime thriller, coming of age novel.

Why should I read it?

Because it’s a well-crafted story that blends a crime mystery with a gut-wrenching account of kids trying to fit in.

I picked When I Was Joe up at my local library because the blurb on the back sounded good and the first page backed it up. “It’s one thing watching someone get killed. It’s quite another talking about it.”

This is the story of Ty, who witnesses a murder and has to go into hiding. He becomes Joe, who is so much cooler than Ty ever was.

When I started reading it, I realised that Ty is only 14. I was worried the book would read a bit “young” and not live up to the gritty hype the blurb promised. I was happy to be wrong.

Keren David is a fantastic writer, and captures the character of Ty perfectly. He’s harbouring a secret, and trying to lay low at his new school, and struggling to cope with the fact the bad guys want him dead. And then he meets a girl, who has a secret of her own. But how can he even think about starting a relationship when she doesn’t even know his real name?

Then things go from bad to worse. Ty is left trying to hold it all together, and desperate to do the right thing before he has to leave town and change his name again.

When I Was Joe is a gripping story that touches on some very serious issues. The subject matter makes it more suited for teens 13 and over.

Keren David has written two more books in the same series, Almost True and Another Life. You can find out more about her, and what else she’s written, at


Savage Sleep With Me

Edit: looking for an excerpt? Yup, there was one here until The Plot Hole of Doom ruined everything. Now those scenes have ceased to be. Instead you’ll have to make do with this little snippet of awesome. And I’ll leave the pic for you to admire.



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“Can you stop flirting for a second and concentrate?”

“What is your problem?”

“My problem is we’re on the run and you’re distracted by your love life.”

“I can multitask.”