About Me

I live near Hamilton, New Zealand, on a little patch of land surrounded by beef and dairy farms.  Kia ora!

I work part-time as a web developer and full-time as a mother to two lovely little girls.

And in my spare time I write.  A lot.  I write when I should be sleeping, or doing housework, or gardening.  And if I am out in the garden, that’s when inspiration hits.  My stories are mostly Young Adult and fall under the contemporary and urban fantasy genres.

Long after all my friends stopped playing make-believe, I wanted to keep going.  So instead of acting things out, I started writing them down.  This served me well as a teenager, because I had the perfect fantasy world to escape into.

At those times when inspiration is severely lacking, you might find me reading, baking or sewing – which makes me sound like a domestic goddess, but really I just like eating chocolate-chip cookies.

I’m a card-carrying member of the NZ Society of Authors and Storylines.